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Gigi Fernandez at Scarborough

Tennis Hall of Famer and 17 time Grand Slam Champion Gigi Fernández will be coming to Scarborough on August, 13th from 9:30 – 2 PM. Gigi will be discussing doubles tactics to members, who can sign up for the event for $30. The first session will take place from 9:30 – 11:00 AM and the […]

American's Guide to Getting into Wimbledon

Written By: Jason Parks My girlfriend and I were planning a trip to England in the Summer of 2017. Since I’m a huge tennis fan, I suggested that we make the trip during a week of the Wimbledon Championships. Since the first week of the Championships fell over the July 4th holiday (meaning we didn’t […]

Tennis player playing tennis in nature

Tennis can be a demanding sport which requires a unique form of fitness. The game requires short bursts of speed and power by running to and hitting the ball, which can strain joints and ligaments. These particular needs and problems mean that tennis players must train differently than other athletes. Here are some fitness tips […]


We are excited to rollout our new Instagram page! You can find us at – We encourage all of our members to follow us on Instagram to discover great content! Don’t forget to tag @ScarboroughEast from your own Instagram account. We’ll be sure to share your awesome posts!               […]

All 8 of Scarborough East Tennis’ professionals are now on the advisory staff of Pro Penn Sports. Typically, a tennis club will have 1-2 of their pros on their staff . The fact that there are 8 Scarborough professionals on the advisory staff shows the faith that Penn has in the entire Scarborough team, all […]


Scarborough Continues to Invest in Education  Scarborough’s Head Pro Bob Hilborn and instructor Evan spent 4 days at the PTR Convention in Hilton Head, SC with some of the top tennis professionals in the tennis industry. Scarborough East is committed to continuing education & is preparing to host a PTR Workshop for Pros in the Midwest […]


Scarborough East Tennis was named one of the top 100 tennis blogs in the world! Wimbledon came in at the #1 spot and Scarborough came in at #77. If we were to compare blog rankings to men’s tennis rankings, Wimbledon would be Novak Djokovic and Scarborough would be Donald Young… Not too shabby! Rounding out […]

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 3.25.31 PM

ATP trip to Cincinnati Scarborough’s Annual Road Trip to ATP was sold out and had a waiting list. We met at Scarborough for a continental breakfast and then headed out on the bus with Scarborough friends of all ages. Everyone enjoyed a full day of ATP matches, food, and shopping. On the ride back Scarborough […]

The indoor courts at Scarborough East Tennis were packed in the early evening on Saturday, May 14th from 4:30 – 7:30 PM. The weather was chilly with a slight drizzle so the open house provided a great opportunity for members to get exercise and play some tennis on the indoor courts. King of the Court […]


Scarborough East Tennis Club is the largest PlaySight Smart Court Club in the world, but what exactly does that mean? PlaySight takes the game of tennis to the next level by combining tennis and game-changing technology to give players the best analysis and coaching to improve their skills. PlaySight uses five cameras around the court […]


Scarborough East is an indoor and outdoor tennis club located on the east side of Columbus, Ohio.

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