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December 23, 2011
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February 7, 2012

Wayne Gretzky was quoted as saying, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” While tennis and hockey are vastly different, “The Great One’s” quote relates to many areas in life, not just hockey. Scarborough East Tennis Club, an indoor and outdoor tennis facility located in Columbus, Ohio, is now constantly looking into the future to make the latest and greatest improvements to their club.

The New Year, 2012, has been a rewarding one so far for Scarborough East Tennis. The court resurfacing, infrared lighting and updated heating system projects in the past were all changes that Manager Bob Hilborn knew the club had to make to ensure a positive member experience moving forward. “We have taken feedback from members and made improvements in as many areas as possible and don’t plan on stopping here,” said Hilborn.

The members are certainly taking notice of the new and improved club. The Junior Program has increased by 20% from last year to this year. Additionally, the club has seen a 10% increase over last year in overall membership. The men and women’s leagues, which have always been extremely popular at Scarborough, have seen a slight increase this year as well.

The increase in players at Scarborough East Tennis is reassuring to Hilborn. “It is good to know that members who have been at Scarborough East for a while, as well as new members, are enjoying these upgrades. The word seems to be spreading around town.”

Regardless of age or skill level, Scarborough East Tennis offers affordable family, single, junior, play and learn and peewee memberships. Existing members and players considering a membership will continue to see state of the art upgrades made to the club. It is all a part of Scarborough’s plan of looking into the future to provide the best indoor and outdoor playing experience in the Central Ohio area.

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