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January 23, 2012
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February 21, 2012

In the longest Australian Open Final EVER, Novak Djokavic outlasted Rafael Nadal in an epic five set match – 5-7, 6-4, 6-2, 6-7, 7-5. While both players are extremely skilled, being able to make it through 5 hours and 53 minutes means that the two players are in some of the best shape athletically in the entire world.

Tennis players at Scarborough East Tennis Club have had their fare share of long matches as well. “The longest match I’ve ever had was 4 hours,” remarked Syed Rahman on Scarborough’s Facebook page. “Luckily I pulled off the W. It was a battle of deuces.”

While Syed was able to last 4 hours, recreational tennis players don’t have the time to dedicate to strength and conditioning like the professionals. Bob Hilborn, Head Pro at Scarborough East Tennis, realizes that. “Lifting weights and eating healthy will improve your overall endurance. This will be beneficial on the court and only requires an extra 2-3 hours at the gym per week.”

In addition to a friendly atmosphere and a state of the art facility, Scarborough East Tennis strives to have the best players in the Columbus, Ohio area. Below is a list of five ways for weekend warriors to improve their overall conditioning on the courts:

  • Load Up On Carbohydrates Before a Match – If you end up having a five set match, you will be thankful that you ate that bowl of pasta for some much needed extra energy.
  • Don’t Get Lazy During the Winter – While the temperature drops, continue to play indoors and hit the treadmill as often as possible so your cardiovascular level doesn’t deteriorate.
  • Weightlifting – To avoid muscle cramps and soreness, it’s important for the tennis player to build strength in the arms, legs and core. This can be done using traditional methods, such as pushups, sit-ups, lunges and curls with free weights.
  • Stay Hydrated – Before hitting the court or entering the gym, make sure you’ve drank plenty of liquids which will avoid cases of dehydration while also boosting your overall workout performance.
  • Build Your Aerobic Base – In addition to weightlifting, it is very important to build your endurance and aerobic base for those long matches. Start off with 10 minutes of cardio a day (at least 3-5 times per week), and then begin building up your time.

Whether you are playing a match that last an hour or five, there are tons of great ways to get in shape for tennis and ensure that you won’t lose your steam while on the court. Scarborough East will not only help to ensure that you’re fit and ready to play, they will also make sure you are having a great time during your training!

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