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Tennis Fashion

When it comes to tennis, fans not only talk about players in terms of their skill level or moves on the court, but also their fashion sense and how bold they decide to be when choosing what outfits to wear during their matches. Over the years, tennis fashion has gone from ultra-conservative to ultra-trendy, and even a little risqué at times. While women started off in knee length dresses meant to cover as much skin as possible, now the outfits worn leave little to the imagination and have fans looking at and talking about the fashion, in addition to the match.  Tennis fashion for men had extremely preppy beginnings and went from cable knit and V-neck sweaters, and pants, of course in all white, to the more athletic-looking clothing that players wear today.

Some players, of course, are known to be bolder than others when it comes to their tennis attire. Venus Williams showed maybe a little too much skin at the 2010 French Open with her corset-like outfit that gave the illusion of being see-through. Her sister, Serena, has also had her fair share of memorable outfits, including the infamous “catsuit” that she wore to the 2002 US Open. Maria Sharapova never fails to disappoint when it comes to her attire. I’m sure you remember the Nike dress she wore to the 2007 US Open, which was encrusted with 600 Swarovski Crystals. Vince Spadea also went for the bedazzled look with his trucker hat at the 2007 Delray International and Radek Stepanek donned a referee shirt at the 2006 ATP Zagreb in Croatia.

With all of the memorable, outrageous, and sometimes even laughable outfits that have been worn over the years, it is also important to pay tribute to the icons that really changed the name of the game when it comes to tennis fashion.  In 1932, Henry Austin was the first to wear shorts to a tennis match. Shortly after, in 1933, Helen Jacobs followed suite with her Bermuda shorts at Forest Hills. Later, in 1949, Gussy Moran paved the way for many players today by revealing lace-trimmed panties beneath her skirt. In 1968, Arthur Ashe sported the first “Hipster ensemble” with his black glasses, and then John McEnroe and Bjon Borg made headbands popular in the game. In 1987, Chris Evert singlehandedly spurred the idea for the “tennis bracelet” when she lost her diamond wristlet on the court. In the 90’s, Andre Agassi started wearing lycra cycling shorts under his Bermuda shorts, and also brought the more brightly colored outfits to the game.

While the men and women playing at Scarborough East Tennis in Columbus, Ohio may not spur fashion trends like the pros playing the circuit, they come to the club not only prepared to play, but also dressed to impress in the latest fashions from the Scarborough apparel shop.

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