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February 7, 2012
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Hardest Shots to Perfect in Tennis

If you were to conduct a tennis roundtable and ask various players what the hardest shot is in the game of tennis, you would get a wide variety of answers. Even most professionals have a “weak link” in their game that opponents try to attack. Many weekend warriors have a shot that haunts them in which they either try to fix or not think about at all.

The fine staff of professionals at Scarborough East Tennis Club in Columbus, Ohio are there to help tennis players of all skill levels and ages work out the kinks in their game. The last thing that the pros at Scarborough want is their members lying in bed unable to sleep at night because they are reminiscing about that missed backhand volley (we’ve all been there).

The five shots below are extremely tough to perfect, which is why different pros at Scarborough East have demonstrated how players can master these difficult shots.


Unless you have aspirations of being a collegiate or professional tennis player, we wouldn’t suggest attempting this shot in a match. Numerous Scarborough players do have the inspiration to take their game to the next level and they show off this extremely difficult shot that you normally see perfected only by the pros on television

Backhand Slice

The backhand slice is a shot that once you practice and perfect, is a great go to weapon for consistency. The tough part about the slice is getting to the point where you can consistently return the ball to the opponents forehand or backhand depending on their weakness.

Swinging Volley

Putting a point away with a swinging volley is one of the best feelings in the game of tennis. The volley itself is tough enough to master and the swinging volley is even more difficult. Footwork must be precise and the head must be kept down throughout the entire swinging motion.

Approach Shot

Many players are hesitant to charge the net and put the point away from inside the service line. Knowing when to charge the net though is one of the most crucial aspects of the approach shot. Players often times stay in their comfort zones at the base line and settle for being in defensive mode instead of being the aggressor.


The overhead seems like a fairly simple shot. If you lose confidence though or don’t practice this put away shot enough, it can give you nightmares. The difference between putting the point away or lifting your head and slamming the ball into the net can be a huge turning point during the match.

Watching the Scarborough Pros talk about and demonstrate these tips is one step in the right direction. Getting onto the court, taking lessons and practicing is the next step to taking your game to the next level and finally beating that opponent who has had your number over the years.

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