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The Benefits of Tennis Lessons

With all sports, practice makes perfect. If you are working to improve using a technique that is fundamentally flawed or incorrect, poor habits can be developed which will be harder to fix as more time is dedicated to that specific sport. The professional staff at Scarborough East Tennis not only teaches players of all age and skill levels the important fundamentals, they provide their members with an enjoyable learning atmosphere which also happens to be a tremendous workout.

Jason Benedict, a resident of Columbus, Ohio who lives in the downtown area, began taking lessons from Head Pro, Bob Hilborn, during his junior year of high school. “I was on the high school tennis team and wanted to take my game to the next level,” exclaimed Benedict. “Through the lessons I took at Scarborough, Bob was able to fix the flaws in my game which enabled me to not only compete against players who I’d lost to in the past, but beat them!”

Upon his graduation from college, Jason still enjoys playing tennis competitively three times per week. He only wishes that he started taking tennis lessons at an earlier age. “I was able to improve dramatically in such a short time span,” said Benedict. “I actually signed my six year old nephew up for lessons with Bob Hilborn because if he starts taking lessons at that young of an age and picks up on the right way to play from a professional, there is no stopping him.”

Whether you are a high school tennis player looking to advance to the collegiate level or a weekend warrior yearning for a stronger backhand, the staff at Scarborough can help. “We have eleven professionals who get to know members not only from a playing standpoint, but also on a personal level,” said Hilborn. “We make sure that we teach members the right way to play because when all is said and done, if you are playing well, you are having the most fun on the court. “

Private lessons can be taken individually or with a group of friends in thirty or sixty minute increments. Once you have your game analyzed by a professional at Scarborough East Tennis, your opponents will certainly be curious as to where you are taking lessons. Whether or not you want to share that information with them is completely up to you!

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