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5 Reasons to Play Indoor Tennis in Columbus

As the leaves begin to change colors and eventually fall down, the weather will continually drop and fall will transition into winter in Columbus, Ohio. When the temperature isn’t ideal, people begin to forgo outdoor activities, many of which involve exercising.

Luckily at Scarborough East Tennis, the indoor tennis courts and workout facilities are top notch and provide a great social sport that incorporates exercising into the mix! According to, exercise helps prevent diseases, improves stamina, strengthens and tones the body, enhances flexibility, controls weight and improves quality of life!

As if the reasons above weren’t enough incentive to break a sweat at Scarborough East Tennis, we’ve compiled a list of the top five reasons to play indoor tennis at S.E.T.

Meet New Friends: In addition to improving your tennis game, leagues and group lessons are a great way to meet new friends while hitting some solid forehands.

Get out of the House: As the sunlight begins to disappear earlier and earlier each day during the winter, escaping the house to the brightly lit courts at Scarborough is the perfect excuse to get out and be active! After hitting the perfect volley, you’ll be glad you came!

Improve Your Game: Don’t you hate the player you can never beat? Well, if you are on the courts this winter practicing and honing your game and they are on the couch playing armchair quarterback, when the summer rolls around you will blow them off the court! (And be in better shape).

Stay Fit: According to, the average singles tennis match (2 out of 3 sets) lasts one hour and 400 calories are typically burned during that time span! We already mentioned why staying fit is so important, and now you’ll be able to thank your tennis game for those toned muscles that all of your friends are impressed with (and jealous of).

Have Fun: 
We can guarantee that being on the tennis courts at Scarborough is sure to make you smile. Whether you are talking about your amazing ace or remising over the whiffed overhead (oops) you will be having a good time on Scarborough’s indoor courts.

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