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5 Breathtaking Tennis Statistics

Casual tennis players often times admire a professional’s game based on the fact that their strokes seem nearly flawless. Whether it’s the backhand, forehand, volley or serve, high-caliber players can pull off breathtaking shots, which many times look effortless.

Years and years of practice and dedication go into competing at the highest level. We’ve compiled a list of 5 breathtaking statistics that will not only impress the weekend warrior, but professional tennis players as well:

  • Andy Roddick has the fastest serve ever recorded by a radar gun at 155 MPH
  • Jon Isner has the most ever aces hit in a match at 113
  • Marat Safin recorded the most aces (31) without a double fault
  • Mark Edmondson was the lowest ranked grand slam finalist (#212) in 1976 and ended up winning the Australian Open
  • The last all lefty grand slam final in the open era took place in 1998 when Petr Korda defeated Marcelo Rios

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