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January 12, 2013
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February 8, 2013

We’ve all been there before. It’s late in the third set of an intense match and each point is becoming more crucial. As our heart rate increases, we tend to overanalyze each shot. Instead of focusing on winning the point, we hone in on how NOT to lose the points. The conservative plays leads to more mistakes and before you know it, you are shaking your smiling opponents hand at the net.

At Scarborough East Tennis, we strive to help all of our players excel in these crucial situations. Below, you’ll find five tips on how to win pressure packed points!

  • Don’t think About the Final Outcome – If you are in the final game of a set, focus on each point individually instead of four points down the road. This will ensure that you don’t lose concentration and are focused on the point at hand. View each point you win as a small victory and before you know it, you’ll be winning more important games.
  • Play to Win – Often times, players will get tense in the pressure packed points which will make them push the ball and steer away from their ordinary strokes. By maintaining the same pace and placement on your shots, it will force your opponent to make an even better return. You’ll start to realize when you play not to win; you’ll end up losing.
  • Proper Mechanics – It is easy to think about how nice the feeling of winning will be towards the end of the match, especially during important points. As each point in the match gains more relevance, focus on the proper groundstroke’s. Making sure you’re feet and set and your hitting the proper point on the ball will keep your mind from wandering, which will lead to more consistency and more important points won!
  • Put the Match into Perspective – Yes, you want to beat the player whose defeated you three straight times (BADLY!) While your heart is racing a million miles per hour, realize that your life won’t change with the outcome of this match. Your family and friend will still talk to you, regardless of a win or loss. Putting the match in perspective will enable you to hit the perfect strokes at clutch times and not be so tense.
  • Ease Your Grip – When the points get more crucial, players tend to hold their grips too tight. Before an important point, make sure you aren’t clenching the grip as this could lead to bad and inconsistent shots. Take a deep breathe and don’t hold the racket in the death grip and you’ll be happy with your shot selection towards the end of the match.

Scarborough East Tennis is an indoor and outdoor tennis facility in Columbus, Ohio.

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