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Scarborough Website Lesson: Perfect the Overhead

Regardless of age, talent or skill, the overhead is one of the most important weapons in a tennis player’s arsenal. This shot is one that professionals never miss, but is frequently botched by amateur players. This post will give you some tips on how to better your smash shot and end the volley decisively.  

 First, when you see a lob coming over the net, turn your body sideways (as if you were serving the ball). You will also want to bring the racquet head up to chest level and use the same grip you would use if preparing for a serve.

 Second, while keeping your eyes on the ball, take a step or two back to allow the ball to bounce in front of you. While doing this, its important to stay in your sideways, serving position. These “step backs” will be performed in pivots or cross over steps.

 Third, now that the lob bounce is at its highest point its time to prepare the overhead. Similar to your serve, you will raise one hand to track the ball in the air. Your racquet hand should be coming up at the same time as you raise the other to track the ball.

 The final and most fun step is completing the smash. Just like you would during a serve, you want to hit the ball its highest point giving it the best chance to make it back over the net. The ball will be coming with plenty of speed, so you don’t need to the hit the ball very hard to have an effective overhead. For those just starting to practice this shot, remember that timing the pace of your shot will be more efficient than hitting the ball as hard as you can. 

 Hopefully these tips will improve your smash shot and make you a more competitive player. Until next time, take care from Scarborough East Tennis Club

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