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July 2, 2013
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The 3 Levels of Commitment to Tennis

The goal of all three levels at Scarborough East Tennis Club is to develop the skills necessary to enjoy tennis as FUN FITNESS for a lifetime.

INTRODUCTION TO TENNISAt the entry level, a child will need to take 1 or 2 clinics per week.  Tennis is a very technical sport and muscle memory is a key component.  Therefore, students need to practice the swing motions multiple times each week.  Private lessons are not necessary at this level; however, they will speed up the learning curve.  Players who continue this routine for 4 to 6 years can expect to play junior varsity or low level varsity high school tennis.

HIGH SCHOOL VARSITY / SMALL COLLEGE PLAYER Players attempting to achieve this goal must raise their level of commitment.  These players will need to take 1 to 2 clinics and also take a ½ or 1 hour private lesson per week. Players will need to continue this routine 5 to 8 years.  In addition, these players should play a minimum of 6 local USTA tournaments (level “6”) and one of those should be the USTA Area Qualifier for the Ohio Valley District Championship (this tournament gives the players an idea of where they stand with other area players in their age group).

DIVISION I COLLEGE PLAYER – This level requires a very high level of commitment from both students and parents. Studies have shown it takes 10,000 quality hours of practice over 10 years to master a subject/activity (tennis, piano, math, etc.).  These players need to practice 4 to 6 days per week for 2 to 3 hours and this routine will continue for a 10 year period (this practice will include fitness, speed, agility training). Specifically, these players will need 2 to 3 clinics per week, 1 or 2 private lessons per week, and 1 or 2 hit sessions per week (practice sets, ball machine, serve practice). Finally, these players will play at least one USTA (level “1”-“4”) tournament per month.

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