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April 27, 2014
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Top 5 Tennis Books

Tennis players at Scarborough East are well aware that the mental side of tennis is equally as important as the physical skill-set. While the Pro’s at Scarborough can teach you all of the fundamentals, improving on the mental side of your game is an area where you can constantly be getting better at.

If you are having mental lapses on the court where you are fearing a double fault on your second serve or running around your backhand, we strongly suggest bringing these issues up to Pro’s. They would be glad to answer any of these questions during a lesson. The experience that the Scarborough Pro’s have from teaching thousands of different players can be the needed advice to overcome your fears on the tennis court.

When you are away from Scarborough, members should still try and improve on the mental side of tennis. There are so many great books out there that can make a huge impact on your mindset during the next big match. You’ll be amazed if you take the time to do research how much this can help you improve as a player.

Below are the 5 top tennis books that we recommend reading!

If you start taking the time to learn the mental side of the game of tennis, before you know it you might just start defeating that player that you could never get over the hump against.

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