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Essential Stretches Before Taking the Tennis Court

If you were to Google, “stretching before playing tennis” you would see the video that we created several years ago featuring our personal trainer, Wendy McBride. In the video, which now has over 5,000 views, Wendy explains the correct way to stretch in less than five minutes before playing tennis. To summarize her main points, we have created a bulleted list for you to follow along. Feel free to print this out to place in your tennis bag so you can remember the essential stretches to remember before taking the tennis court.


• Jogging in Place
– Take 20 seconds to run in place and get the blood pumping throughout your body

• Jumping Jacks
– Quickly transition to doing jumping jacks for 10-seconds.

• Bring Your Arms to the Front
– Cross your arms over your chest for 10-seconds

• Planks
– Help warm up your back and strengthen your core. You’ll want to hold this position for 20-seconds

• Downward Dog
– Stretch through the calves and your lower back, hold this position for 10-seconds

• Long Lunge
– Straighten the back leg and this will strengthen the hamstring and gluts for 15-seconds

• Achilles Stretch
– Keep your back heel on the floor and push your front foot forward

• Arm Stretch
– Put one arm over your other on the top of the chest which will help your deltoid and hold this for 10-seconds

• Over the Head Stretch
– Move your hand behind your head and reach down to the middle of the back

Within 3-minutes, you will have hit on the majority of the muscles needed to warm up before your tennis match. This should be done before your 10-minute warm-up against your opponent or before taking the court before a lesson.

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