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September 15, 2014
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How To Improve Your Volleys in Tennis

All tennis players have been in the frustrating situation where they hit their volley into the net. There is nothing worse than hitting a beautiful winner crosscourt, approaching the net for what should be an easy winner with your volley and THUD. The ball goes into the net and you lose the point.

Improving your volleys and keeping the ball out of the net will improve your skill-set whether you are a single or a doubles player. The pros at Scarborough East Tennis have provided 5 helpful tips to improve your volleys.

1. Keep Your Head Down:
The mistake that we see so many players make is that they are so eager to see where their volley ends up that they lift their head, which is one of the main culprits for the ball going into the net. When you are about to hit your volley, make sure that you actually watch your racquet hit the back of the ball. This will provide a much better change of placing the ball exactly where you want off the volley and not framing the ball into the net.

2. Repetition:
This might sound obvious but practice does make perfect, especially with volleys. Whether you are taking a lesson, hitting with a friend or practicing against a wall, continue to work on your volleys as much as possible. When you can master the hand-eye-coordination (which is so crucial for volleys) you will start to see your net game drastically improve.

3. Footwork:
Having the proper footwork in place so you can step forward with the opposite foot and strike the ball solidly is critical for volleys. We often times see volley mistakes when the footwork is unorganized. You will need to overdramatize your footwork to make sure you are shuffling and in the right positioning so you can put away the point.

4. Grip
Before you start any of the three referenced tips above to improve your volleys, every tennis player needs to make sure that they have the right grip. Your tennis pro will obviously be able to help you out in this aspect. There are also videos online which will provide you with volley tips to master this net shot.

To avoid the “Netmare” of hitting the ball into the net, follow our tips to improve your volleys in tennis and your game will become drastically improved. Just remember, you will need to practice to really perfect this skill-set!

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