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Top 5 Coolest Tennis Courts in the World

Tennis is a great fun while adding years to your life. What’s the only way it can be more fun than it already is? It’s if you play in unusual tennis courts. Here are top five coolest tennis courts in the world.

1. Newport, Rhode Island

It’s New England at its finest, with Victorian Shingle Style architecture. The International Tennis Hall of Fame is located here. This place is deeply entrenched in history, as the first championship of the United States Lawn Tennis Association was held here in 1881.

2. Bunabhainneadar Tennis Court, Scotland

Dubbed the most remote tennis court in the British Isles, this one combines the rugged beauty of the Hebridean landscape with the Atlantic Ocean. Truly the best of both worlds.

3. Roy Emerson Arena, Switzerland

This court was named after a player who won 28 amateur Grand Slam titles in both singles and doubles. Located in Gstaad, Switzerland, you’re surrounded by the Swiss Alps. What more can you want?

4. La Cavalerie, France

The word tennis originates from Old French, so it goes without saying that Paris would offer one of the coolest tennis courts. It’s built in a honeycomb style with 1,400 pieces of wood.

5. Il San Pietro di Positano, Italy

This 5-star resorted located on the Amalfi Coast boasts a tennis court between the rock and the Mediterranean.

Runner up: Burj al Arab in Dubai. Unfortunately, this helipad-convert is usually for publicity only (think Roger Federer and Andre Agassi in 2005) and not open to public. It’s not even strictly a tennis court as Tiger Woods teed off in 2004. But you have to admire how a tennis court, when it becomes one, can rest atop of a hotel that’s 692 feet tall. Anyone who can play here has some serious balls… no pun intended.


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