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Best Stretches to Prevent Tennis Injuries

It can be easy to injure yourself when you’re playing tennis, especially when you do not stretch beforehand. Stretching your body before hitting the court will keep you healthy and fit for every match or practice.

The most common injuries tennis players experience include rotator cuff tendinitis, tennis elbow, ankle sprains, and back and knee pain.

The United States Tennis Association recommends multiple stretches to do during your cool-down period following a match or practice. Even if you don’t feel pain in an area, it is very important to stretch to prevent future injuries.

Stretching your upper body does great in keeping your swing in tip-top shape. Start by stretching your lower back by laying on your back and pulling your knees into your chest. This pulls the lower back muscles and allows them to relax after a match.

Next you want to focus on your triceps. This stretch is commonly known as the “chicken wing” because, well, it looks like a chicken wing. Pull your elbow up over your head and hold it for a few seconds.

To avoid hurting your rotator cuffs, you should stretch your shoulders by pulling your arm across your body and holding it for a few seconds.

Your legs should be stretched before and after every physical activity to prevent pulling a hamstring or tearing a ligament in your ankles or knees.

You can stretch your legs by simply pulling your knee up to your chest while you stand on the other leg. This stretch is exactly like the lower back stretch, but standing up will stretch out your hamstrings.

If you stretch before and after your workout, you can prevent serious injuries, your muscles won’t ache and you will recover quicker for your next match or practice.

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