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Good Day Columbus (Fox 28) Visits Columbus

Wednesday, January 20th started like a typical day at Scarborough East Tennis Club. Players looking to improve their game started filing onto the court at 7 a.m. Early bird catches the worm, right?

The only difference this time around was Cameron Fontana, one of the hosts for Good Day Columbus on ABC6, was on court number one.

“I can’t wait to test the new PlaySight feature,” an overly enthusiastic Cameron stated. “Do I really get to see how fast my serve is?”

Bob Hilborn, the Head Pro at Scarborough, informed Cameron that not only can you track how fast your serve is, you can watch your match on video and dig into the advanced analytics to take your tennis game to the next level.

Cameron was excited, but wanted to make sure his stroke was on point before he went on the air at 8 a.m. He quickly realized his forehand was his strength and his backhand, well, lets just say it needed some work.

“This is really cool not only do they have indoor courts but you can track all of your movement through technology.”

This was the first line Cameron Fontana delivered when he went live on the airwaves at 7:45 a.m.

Watch Video Here

With the frigid weather in Columbus, viewers were able to see that Scarborough offered a place to play tennis indoors while getting an amazing workout. It was also evident how technologically advanced Scarborough is when it comes to its PlaySight technology.

“The fact that directly after your match you can get a recap of stats and video on your smartphone is amazing!”

After an action packed morning, Cameron won over a lot of fans amongst the members at Scarborough. If still has some work to do on his backhand if he wants to win over fans with his play on the tennis court ☺ live segments throughout the morning at Scarborough! Tune into WSYX ABC 6 to watch Cameron Fontana take on our very own Bob Hilborn ☺

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