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July 24, 2017
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December 22, 2022
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Scarborough Continues to Invest in Facility

Scarborough East is committed to providing the best technology and playing environment in Central Ohio.

The club recently announced $250,000 in renovations that will cover the indoor and outdoor courts along with pickleball expansion.

As part of the renovation, the following improvements will be made to the club:

  • Redo of the insulation, which will make the courts 30% brighter
  • Resurfacing of all the courts, both indoor and outdoor
  • Building new outdoor pickleball specific courts (6 total)
  • New tarps will be installed and all of the backdrops will be replaced
The outdoor pickleball courts and the resurfacing of all the courts will be completed towards the middle of June. All of the other projects will be completed in August.

“We pride ourselves on having the best facility in town,” said Bob Hilborn, Head Pro at Scarborough East Tennis. “Our members are extremely loyal and we feel it’s important to keep our facility on the cutting edge.”

Scarborough was one of the first tennis clubs to introduce PlaySight technology back in 2015. This upcoming renovation will further improve the playing experience at Scarborough.

If you would like to visit the club or inquire about membership, please call (614) 868-5683 or visit:

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