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September 14, 2015
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Getting to Know Playsight at Scarborough East Tennis Club

Scarborough East Tennis Club is the largest PlaySight Smart Court Club in the world, but what exactly does that mean?

PlaySight takes the game of tennis to the next level by combining tennis and game-changing technology to give players the best analysis and coaching to improve their skills.

PlaySight uses five cameras around the court to monitor your every move. The cameras track your serve speeds and analyzes your swing to help improve your tennis game. Another interesting feature PlaySight offers is automated line calling, which allows you to accurately know when the ball is out of play. PlaySight also gives you the opportunity to see your practices and matches in a 3D tactical view for further in-depth instruction.

These Smart Courts bring an elevated sense of interactivity to your tennis game. PlaySight allows you to livestream your matches and practices. The livestreams are then used to present you with live video replays for coaches and other players to critique your tennis skills, giving you even more opportunities to receive instruction.

On top of all of these features, you can take your tennis analysis off the court too. All of the stats and videos can be accessed on PlaySight’s website and iPhone.

This past week, Scarborough was recognized by the Ohio House of Representatives for becoming the largest PlaySight Smart Court facility in the world. Now that’s saying something!

If you want to see these world-class courts and even play on them, come to Scarborough East Tennis Club!

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